Naturally Conditioned™ Coconut Treatment


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Introducing our premium Show Range for Horses & Hounds.
We have taken the most pure, natural & effective ingredients that our environment has to offer, and squeezed them into one 
easy-use bottle. You no longer need to use harsh chemicals, synthetic dyes, silicones or preservatives to get that 'wow' look for your 
horse or hound.
Stand out from the crowd, naturally.
A natural intensive coat treatment with essential oils of Rosemary, Calendula, & Chamomile.
Coconut and plant-based oil treatment enhanced with Vitamin E & Argan Oil.
Replenishes moisture and shine on dry coats and protects from sweat and dirt build up. A 'must have' as part of a regular 
grooming routine. Effective healing formula for sunburn and or dry/flakey skin. 
Suitable for horses & hounds of all coat types and colours.

A small amount can be applied directly to the coat with a cloth/sponge or as a grooming spray.

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