Harvest Grains Mega


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Harvest Grains MEGA

ENERGY, POWER & CONDITION Horses with moderate to high energy requirements

• Ideal for agistment, pretraining and race preparation

• Underweight horses needing concentrated calories
QUALITY EXTRUDED PROTEINS to support muscle tissue maintenance. This is important for working horses.
NUTRIENT & ENERGY DENSE with a combination of slow and quick release energy sources derived from fresh and cooked grain, seed & legume blended with fresh cold pressed Oil high in Omega 3 and 6 sourced from our own New Zealand growers.

Balanced using chelated, inorganic and organic minerals and coated natural vitamins plus anti-oxidant Vitamin E 450iu per kg.

Calculated ratios of calcium and phosphorous with organic zinc, copper and iron will provide for the young horse in work.

If feeding below the higher kg recommended amount per day simply top up the mineral /nutrient shortfalls using a calculated dose of a quality mineral/vitamin supplement to ensure your horses health and metabolism is not compromised.

Contains organic selenium (tot SE -.39mg per kg)

• Energy 15% (DE)

• C Protein 14.8%

• Oil 5.8%

• Fibre 4%

• Sodium Chloride 6g per kg

• Lupins

• Green field peas

• Quality extruded proteins

• Full oil flax

• NZ cold pressed oils

• Rolled barley

• Kibbled maize

• Fiber-digest pellet

• Molasses

• Chelated & organic minerals

• Natural vitamins

• Vitamin E 450IU per kg fed

• Performance Booster

• Gut Conditioner & Probiotic


300kg 0.5-1kg

400kg 1-2kg

500kg 1.5-2.5kg

600kg up to 4kg

Light Work

300kg 1-2kg

400kg 1.5kg-2.5kg

500kg 2-3kg

600kg up to 5kg

Moderate Work

300kg 2-3kg

400kg 2.5-3.5kg

500kg 4-5kg

600kg up to 6kg

Heavy Work

300kg 3-4kg

400kg 3.5-4.5kg

500kg 5-6kg

600kg up to 7kg

Add salt or electrolytes as work intensity or sweat loss increases.

• Seek advice to attain correct selenium levels for all horses.
To condition weanlings and yearlings go to Harvest Grains MEGABUILD
Not suitable for equines suffering EMS, Laminitis or Cushings disease
We recommend HARMONIZE and/or SMART-CHAFF for those equines


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