Acavallo Gel Guard



Spread the pressure with this soft gel guard from Acavallo.

It can be used with over the poll or nose area to spread pressure and provide comfort. It prevents sores and rubbing while distributing pressure evenly. This shock-absorbing guard provides the ultimate in comfort and flexibility.

Fantastic for horses that have poll issues to help relieve pain.

One size fits a large variety of bridles and headcollars.

Colour: Black

$39.95 plus postage.


  • Length – 27cm.
  • Width at centre – 6.5cm.
  • Width at end – 3.5cm.
  • Thickness – 1cm.


  1. Insert wire (supplied) through headpiece straps.
  2. Place poll guard in water.
  3. Thread wire through poll guard.
  4. Insert straps into poll guard.
  5. Use wire to pull straps through poll guard.


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